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Financial Health


Ask the average photographer if they're a business owner and they might correct you, "No, I'm a photographer." But the truth is they are one in the same. If you are a photographer, you are a business owner.
Your business is like the body that protects your heart and mind. You'll want to keep it healthy.

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Technical Skill


Being good at what you do means you can deliver consistent, measurable, quality results over a variety of circumstances. You do your calethentics, you eat your vegetables, and you've proven something no one can argue with--you do good work. 10,000 hours later, you'll be a master of your craft.

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Care of the Heart


The sweat and blood of your dreams are poured into your work. You love what you do, but don't let that take advantage of you. Photographer Zack Arias once said, "Photography will take everything from you if you let it." Your creative heart is your most valuable asset. How are you investing in it today?

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