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Want to build a better, more supportive photography industry for you and your fellow photographers? We do too! Through collaboration, we can plant seeds that will inspire a large cultural shift towards mutual cooperation and long term sustainability for photographers worldwide. Learn more about us and our #createsustainablity dream or just jump right in! You can join us one of three ways:


  1. PLAY | #seewhatimade
  2. GROW | workshops & growth coaching
  3. PARTNER | sponsorships & speaking requests





1). PLAY
make something for the joy of it


Through the #seewhatimade project, we want to make it easy for you to create and share your artwork while still retaining your hard earned copyrights. So dig those amazing photos out of your hard drive and share them with fellow creative image makers. It takes less than five minutes to care for your own creative heart and inspire others at the same time.


If you’re creating personal work you love, we want to hear about it and share it with everyone we know! GOT INSTAGRAM? Tag your mobile images #seewhatimade for a chance to be featured. FROM THE WEB. Submit to us the following: 


    • 940px wide image (only tasteful translucent watermarks please)
    • Title & location of created work(s)
    • Share the story about what it means to you
    • Your name & web address


Need an idea? Here’s an example to get you started.





2). GROW
one-on-one growth coaching


  • Leverage what you know
  • Learn what you don’t
  • Find out what’s holding you back in your business
  • Break down old ways of looking at how you balance creativity and work
  • Connect with your inner creative spark and expand it in new ways


Getting started on a growth coaching session is easy. We offer three different levels of participation and support. Each session is tailored to offer exactly what you need to feel clear, confident and provide insights to help you grow a successful, sustainable-minded photography career.


We also love connecting through our workshops where you can get immersed in a more specific topic and hone your skills. Take advantage of our 25 years of experience in photography and ins and outs of a creative business. Our small, intimate workshops create an interactive, collaborative atmosphere where you’ll make friends, all while you are being challenged and inspired.





sponsorships & speaking engagements


We are teachers at heart and have traveled throughout the country speaking at various conferences. Do you share our dream for photography sustainability? If you think your brand, product or organization shares our values, we’d love to brainstorm ways we can work together.


For questions about speaking engagements, how you can sponsor us, purchase site advertising, or to share other creative, innovative ideas, lets talk more.



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